About Us

Our goal is to offer the best deals on butt stocks, assault riffle accessories, holsters, and soon to be expanding to backpacks, tactical pens, and knives. I am the designer of the site, in charge of sales, and advertisement. I want to keep my costs as low as possible, so I can pass off the savings to you! I currently offer free shipping on any purchase over $50. Register today and be part of our interactive community and learn more about exclusive pricing, upcoming events, the latest and greatest products, and what’s going on in the industry. We can’t grow without you, so please send us suggestions on how we can better serve the community either through our blog, instant messenger, or email at shawn@tacticalgeardeals.com. We offer a 30 day return policy on all products, and Fobus Holsters has a lifetime guarantee on all their holsters.

As for me… my name is Shawn Dennsteadt, I was born with a rare condition called femar-fibular-alner-syndrome (shorter legs and no hands). Though at times life is challenging, I enjoy almost every freak’n minute of it. I have my computer science degree from Rutgers University, type 55 words per minute on a regular keyboard, and drive a car with an unrestricted license (meaning no adaptions are necessary on the car). I’ve always been a gun enthusiast ever sense puberty. I picked up my 1st gun when I was 14, and have never looked back. I love how guns offer a sport, a hunt, and protection all in one not so simple tool. I am a World War II buff who loves to study military tactics and travel to Normandy on occasion to humble myself and never forget the fallen soldiers that fought for our liberty! Below I have a few short videos I’ve made of me shooting… I hope you enjoy it, and the amazing products on our site! Any questions or suggestions…don’t hesitate to ask!

This is a video of me shooting an SKS Assault Riffle in a remote area of Las Vegas, Nevada. Not bad for a guy with no hands, aye!

My passion has always been shotguns. It was the first gun I learned to shoot, and though I am not considered professional… I have gotten lucky against some skilled shooters in the industry. I try to practice as much as I can, and don’t make excuses when my shot is off. Though I think my form was pretty good on this shot, I waited too long to pull the trigger. Like in business, sporting clays, and life timing is everything… Practice makes perfect!